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Feldy-Roo Fitness Trail

Aberfeldy based Feldy-Roo have proposed a new fitness trail to take advantage of the unused land owned by the golf by building a path network to connect the Bouncy Bridge and Wades Bridge.

The proposal is to improve the pathways to allow greater access and make it safer for Prams, Wheelchairs and those who are unstable on their feet. With a 1mile loop being created around the site which will allow for the creation of a Parkrun in the area.

Gavin Price from Feldy-Roo explains what he hopes this project will do for Aberfeldy, “hopefully it’ll encourage more people to use the walks over that side of the bridge and give access really to all people to use it.” 

“We’d would like to make it, wheelchair friendly to make it pram friendly, to make it suitable for everybody to use without taking away from the natural course of the of the area.”

As a town Aberfeldy are working hard to become one of the healthiest town in Scotland and Gavin goes on to explain that along with the Upper Tay Paths Group, they will be working with the healthiest town initiative, “there’s obviously the Aberfeldy healthiest town initiative, and a number of people within the town are really trying to promote that and to make Aberfeldy one of Scotland healthiest towns and I think this kind of goes hand in hand with that project.”

“Feldy-Roo’s kind of partnered up with these two organisations to try and get this project moving and I think it’s it could have a lot of hopefully lasting benefits for people in the town.”

The full proposal and details for each stage of the project can be found by visiting the Feldy-Roo Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/FeldyRoo

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