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Feldy Roo Wins The Great British Pub Awards

LISTEN: Gavin Price gives his reaction to winning the award and tells us whats in store for Feldy Roo and Aberfeldy in future

Aberfeldy’s Fountain Bar has won this year’s Great British Pubs Award after being short listed for the Greene King category.

The shortlisting came after the hard work which was put into organising Feldy Roo, the food delivery service which delivered around 40,000 meals to vulnerable people during the first phase of the pandemic.

Organiser, Gavin Price, who also owns the Fountain Bar, said: “It was amazing, thankfully we won the award, which is great news, but obviously its not just for the Fountain Bar but the whole Feldy Roo team and Aberfeldy Community.

“When the news came through that we won, it was quite an emotional moment for everyone.”

Feldy Roo was organised when Gavin realised that when the lock down first started, he would have plenty of unused stock ready to go but with no one to buy it.

So he and his team worked to get together meals for vulnerable people who were shielding, over time other restaurants joined in and it was not just Gavin but a whole host of hotels, pubs and restaurants joining him.

This need to get involved quickly spread throughout the community and the people of Aberfeldy were flocking to get involved and very soon there were multiple runs a day for dinner and lunch.

Soon multiple routes were established and people were delivering to the communities surrounding Aberfeldy such as Kenmore and Weem.

Looking back on his time running the community-spirited project, Gavin said: “Feldy Roo was something that came about just through that community spirit because everybody acted on instinct.

“It was really heartening to witness that and see from the start because it was such a positive good thing that will last out and that will stay.”

As part of the award, the fountain bar has won £10,000 which Gavin intends to give back to the community who earned it through their hard work.

In the coming days he says there will be a poll which will choose from one of three options on how the money should be spent.

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