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Ferdi’s Flavour Raises Money for Held in Our Hearts

LISTEN: Joe Sykes explains why Held in Our Hearts is a charity so dear to him and his wife Lucy

A Perthshire couple has created a bespoke gelato dessert with proceeds benefitting bereavement charity, Held In Our Hearts in memory of their late son.

Joe Sykes, owner of Joelato and Husband to Lucy, spoke of his appreciation of the charity following the loss of his son Ferdi in 2019.

He said: “My wife, Lucy, gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Ferdi who died very sadly after three days which was absolutely devastating to us.

“Lucy looked for counselling following our loss of Ferdi and we came upon Held In Our Hearts which is run by the wonderful Nicola Welsh.

“I think Lucy just really clicked with Nicola and some of the other councillors.

“They’ve been there. They’ve been through it, they’ve lost children themselves, so they really know what it’s like and just being able to speak to someone who’s gone through that was just an immense help.

‘Ferdi’s Flavour’ was created to honour and remember Joe & Lucy’s son and to raise funds for the charity that helped them.”

Ferdi’s ice cream contains honey, locally sourced in Highland Perthshire and honeycomb handmade by Lucy.

Joe added: “It’s been by far our best seller and continues to be every month.”

Joelato offers a diverse range of flavours, often changing to reflect items in season.

April’s offerings include Espresso Crème Brulee, Mascarpone & Blackcurrant Ripple, Orange Stracciatella and of course, Ferdi’s Flavour.

The desserts, handmade in Highland Perthshire can also be delivered to homes across Scotland with set delivery dates for each area.

“We use seasonal fruit which is abundance around here up in Perthshire

“We do everything in house, so Lucy makes all our honeycomb, all our caramel – all those sorts of things.

Joe was inspired to start the business to remind customers of happy memories on holiday’s and by combining his skillset and studies of gelato in Bologna, Joe was able to combine Italian methods and Scottish ingredients to create a “super-WOW gelato”.

“It’s typical for many really high-quality ice cream companies to source their pistachios and hazelnuts things like that from Italy.

“We found the most amazing company called Almighty Foods and they create unbelievable nut butters and nut pastes – and now we go to them and their quality is unbelievable.

“We try and keep it local, and we do everything by hand in house.”

You can view the full range of flavours or order a summer treat for yourself by visiting Joelato at https://www.joelato.co.uk/

To find out more about Held In Our Hearts, visit their website at www.heldinourhearts.org.uk or their Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/sandslothians

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