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Firework Legislation Reminder Ahead of Bonfire Night

Firework Safety Advice

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are encouraging the public to attend an organised event for Bonfire Night where possible, with these events safer, and better for the environment.

They are asking that anyone who might be hosting their own celebrations to think of others and always follow the Fireworks code.

On their website Scottish Fire and Rescue say: “If you are unable to attend an organised display, we would ask you to consider the impact of fireworks on people and animals. It is often children rather than adults who are injured by fireworks.

“The noise and lights that fireworks emit can also be overwhelming for people with a sensory impairment and those with neurological differences such as autism. Animals can also find fireworks particularly distressing.”

Organised Displays Taking Place

The Pitlochry and Edradour Distillery Community Bonfire and Fireworks display will be taking place on Friday 4th of November from 6pm at the Recreation Ground with the display starting at 7pm.

A display will be held in Blair Atholl on the 5th of November at the Blair Athol Golf Club with the display starting at 6pm and a costume competition at 6:30pm.

Perth’s display will also be held on the 5th of November on the South Inch with fireworks starting at 7:30pm, a funfair from 6pm and the bonfire lit at 7pm.

What New Legislation is in Place?

A range of new legislation has come into force over the last few years surrounding the use, and sale of Fireworks. It is now illegal for the general public to use Fireworks before 6pm or after 11pm (this extends to midnight on the 5th of November and 1am for Hogmanay, Chinese New Year and Diwali).

It has also become illegal for adults to buy or supply fireworks to those under the age of 18, with an exception for F1 fireworks, which includes party poppers, novelty crackers and certain sparklers.

The legislation has also restricted the quantity of fireworks that can be supplied to the general public at any one time to 5kg, with the sale of fireworks limited to between 7am and 6pm.

Under the new legislation which is set out in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Articles (Scotland) Act 2022 attacks on emergency workers using fireworks or pyrotechnics have become aggravating factors that can be taken into account when courts sentence offenders.

Speaking on the new legislation, Chief Inspector Nicola Robison from Police Scotland’s Partnerships, Preventions and Community Wellbeing Division, said: “Fireworks, when not used lawfully, present a significant risk to the public and so preventing such items from being purchased by, or for, anyone under the age of 18, is vitally important for keeping communities safe.

“Buying fireworks for underage youths can result in a £5,000 fine, six-months imprisonment, or both and our message is clear. Do not risk it. Help us prevent disorder, damage and violence over the Bonfire Night period.

“The new aggravator for attacks on emergency service workers is also a welcome legislative change and should give all frontline first responders additional reassurance that their safety and wellbeing is paramount as they go about their duties.”

You can find more advice from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service surrounding Fireworks and Bonfires at https://www.firescotland.gov.uk/your-safety/outdoors/fireworks-and-bonfire-safety/

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