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First of its Kind On-Demand Service Streams from Aberfeldy’s Birks Cinema

LISTEN: Brian Hawkins explains how the Birks Cinema’s new streaming platform works

Aberfeldy’s ‘The Birks Cinema’ has launched a first of its kind online streaming service for cinema lovers in Highland Perthshire and beyond.

Their ‘second screen’ is one of the ways they’re keeping audiences entertained while they’ve been forced to keep their doors shut during the pandemic.

Trustee, Brian Hawkins, said: “We’ve been working for a few months on working on our streaming platform called ‘The Birks Streaming’, and it’s taken a long time to evolve.

“We’re happy to be able launch it with some twenty odd titles that will soon expand beyond that and up to towards thirty odd titles.

“So, this is one of the new areas we’re moving into while the Birks physical cinema is actually closed.”

Since larger streaming networks are showing off big block buster titles, the Birks Streaming has the chance to showcase curated independent movies alongside big name titles such as ‘Knives Out’, starring Daniel Craig.

And as the platform grows, the cinema plans to ‘feature adventure and outdoor films, a focus on the environment, Scottish film and more.’

Mr Hawkins explained: “It’s a curated platform, so I wouldn’t go onto it expecting any of the huge blockbusters, because the Birks at Aberfeldy is more about independent cinema.

“And that’s where we’ll be looking, so there’ll be things on here which just won’t be available on any other platforms like Netflix.”

At the moment the service is ‘pay-per-view’ and features a range of movies suitable for children, young adults and mature audience.

And even though this service has started during the pandemic, Mr Hawkins thinks that this will be a key feature in what the cinema has to offer once the pandemic has passed.

He says the cinema will always be a social place where people want to meet up, even more so once the team have finished revamping the café, and this will be another way where people can enjoy it in how best suits them.

He added: “But I think when we come out the other end of this, people will still want to share in a community even and go to the cinema. I still think that there will be something people will still want to enjoy, but they will also have the availability of being able to sit at home and watch it.

“And the relationship I see in the future, if the industry evolves fast enough, that we would maybe open a film on the screen, and if it’s successful on the screen, and people want to see it, we might then move it onto the streaming service where people can access it on their screen.

“At the moment the industry doesn’t quite allow that, but I think they will, they will have to come with us.”

People looking to join in on the excitement of Scotland’s only cinema run streaming service can find out more on: streaming.birkscinema.co.uk

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