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First Osprey Chick Emerges at Loch of the Lowes

The first osprey chick of the season has hatched at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Loch of the Lowes reserve.

At 10:36pm on Wednesday the 18th of May reserve staff spotted a hole in one of the three eggs that female osprey NC0 and partner LM12 had laid in April. With the first look at the tiny chick coming at 10:26am on Thursday 19th of May as it emerged from its egg.

Speaking in a press release, Sara Rasmussen, Perthshire Ranger, Scottish Wildlife Trust said: “We’re delighted to have our first osprey chick of the season. Hopefully it won’t be long until all three chicks have hatched out.

“Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, our staff and more than 60 volunteers have been keeping an eye on the nest around the clock for several weeks to keep the nest safe from disturbance. Seeing the eggs successfully hatch is a huge moment for the team.

“The first few weeks of a young osprey’s life are fascinating to watch. They develop incredibly quickly, and they are noticeably different each day. This rapid development is vital, because they need to grow to adult size in time to make the long migration south at the end of the summer.”

You can watch the osprey nest live below.

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