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Five Mile and Taymount Wood Community Purchase Starts Consultation

The West Stormont Woodland Group (WSWG) is being offered two forests in Highland Perthshire from Forestry and Land Scotland as part of an initiate from the Scottish Parliament.

Both the Taymount and Five Mile Woods are being offered to the groups as part of a scheme which allows local groups to make an offer to take public assets into community ownership.

In the proposal put together by the WSWG, they said: “The mission of WSWG is encompassed within a 25-year plan for Taymount Wood and Five Mile Wood.

“This seeks to achieve marked progress towards ensuring that our community can retain a sustainable, healthy and enjoyable landscape in Strathtay that can gain benefits from the naturalising of Taymount Wood and Five Mile wood.

“Where improved access provision and a positive focus on maintaining a green economy can be delivered.”

The community group want to make sure that the forest serves the needs of a broad range of local demands.

Some of the uses they’re looking at include healthy living, access and accessibility, lifelong learning, creativity and culture and green enterprise.

But now these ideas are open to comment from locals who want to have their say in what the forest should do for their communities.

The WSWG said: “Check out the Proposals for the woodlands. There are some absolutely brilliant ideas about how these spaces can be used and managed for the benefit of everyone within reach of them and, in environmental terms, the wider world. We have a chance to play our part in creating that world.

“See what the community came up with and then, and here is the thing, let us know what you think!

“Whatever your view, we’d like to know. Community engagement in this way will be crucial to the success of the project.”

Over 400 people have already joined to have put stake in the local woods into action.

Anyone looking to find out more can go to: https://www.weststormontwoodlandgroup.scot/consultation/

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