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Forestry and Land Scotland Celebrates Scottish Venison Day

Today marks Scottish Venison Day and Forestry & Land Scotland are keen to point out the health and sustainability benefits of including venison on the dinner plates of residents in Highland Perthshire.

This comes following a £250,000 commitment from Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) to build a deer larder in Highland Perthshire for deer population management in the area.

Head of Wildlife Management at Forestry & Land Scotland, Ian Fergusson, said:

“Wild venison, a delicious and healthy meat, is one of Scotland’s best known fine foods with a growing international reputation.

“As land managers with the responsibility of looking after and expanding Scotland’s national forests, deer management is an important part of our work.

“Managing deer reduces their browsing and trampling impacts and is really important for biodiversity and – by protecting young trees – for meeting the challenges of the climate emergency.

“We deliver around one third of Scotland’s national cull, and virtually all of that venison is processed into fantastic, high quality and affordable food products.

“It’s a huge, secondary benefit from managing deer.”

Scotland is the largest producer of venison in the UK, contributing 3,500 tonnes of wild venison and 70 tonnes of farmed venison annually.

The inclusion of venison in our diets will not only enhance our health being low in fat and a source of iron, zinc and B Vitamins but also our contribution to sustainability and traceability.

Due to the prevalence of deer in the area, the distance from forest to plate is low making it the perfect choice for those concerned about the environmental impact of their food.

FLS’s commitment to deer management plays a key role in the future of Highland Perthshire. Through the deer larder, the local economy will benefit from job creation. In terms of biodiversity, young trees and growing forests will be protected.

The outcome will result in an increased contribution from Highland Perthshire to Scotlands internationally renowned high quality food and drink sector.

For more information on Forestry & Land Scotlands Deer Management Strategy, please visit: https://forestryandland.gov.scot/what-we-do/who-we-are/corporate-information/deer-management-strategy

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