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Forestry and Land Scotland to Introduce Bio-Degradable Tree Shelters

Forestry and Land Scotland are moving to introduce a bio-degradable option to their tree shelters to improve the sustainability of their woodlands.

They operate a number of forests in Highland Perthshire with an interest in conserving the forests on behalf of the Scottish public.

Now they’re new ‘Tubex Nature’ tree shelters will be able to improve the suitability of their forests using wood, plant matter and recycling to make them.

Gareth Waters, FLS’ Interim Had of Operational Support, said: “Our Climate Change Plan commits us to becoming more sustainable across the board and phasing out single-use plastics is high on our to-do list.

“This new biodegradable product is not only good for the environment and for wildlife but will also free up time for our local foresters who will no longer need to gather up used tree shelters.

“We’re now encouraging all of our teams across the country to make the environmentally friendly, sustainable choice.

“It’s one of the first, big steps on our journey and we’re looking forward to adopting other innovative solutions as we head towards Net Zero.”

Forestry and Land Scotland uses around 200,000 tree shelters each year as part of their tree conservation and these new shelters are offering an alternative to single use plastics.

Jonathan Cameron, Cheviot Trees’ Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “We have been working closely with our manufacturing partners over the past few years to help develop a clever and innovative biodegradable solution that provides reliable protection to young trees.”

“We’re pleased to provide this next generation of tree shelters to Forestry and Land Scotland.”

They are of particular use in locations where collecting shelters would be difficult or sometimes impossible, such as dense woodland or places that are otherwise hard to get to.

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