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Forestry and Land Scotland’s ‘Stay The Night’ to Return for 2022  

Forestry and Land Scotland is bringing back its ‘Stay the Night’ initiative and permitting campervan and motorhomes to use some of its carparks, at its quieter sites, across Scotland for overnight stays.

From Friday 1st of April until Monday 31st of October 2022, self-contained motorhomes and campervans will be allowed to stay in participating Forestry and Land Scotland carparks between 6pm and 10am but won’t be allowed to return to the same spot within 48 hours.

Stuart Chalmers, Forestry and Land Scotland’s National Visitor Services Manager, talking about the initiative, which was originally trailed in 2020, said; “Stay the Night has proved to be hugely popular with campervan and motorhome users and we have had support from communities and partners across the country.

“Motorhomes and campervans are a major part of Scotland’s tourism traffic and allowing people to stay at our carparks overnight, will help to meet the growing demand for stopping places.

“It also encourages people to stay a little longer at locations they would otherwise have passed through, which should provide a boost to many small rural businesses.”

Forestry and Land Scotland are responsible for many sites across Scotland and Highland Perthshire including sites, at Pitlochry, Dunkeld, Tummel Bridge, Weem and Grandtully. During the 2020 trial Kilvrecht car park near Loch Rannoch, and Queen’s View near Loch Tummell, were among the 30 trial sites used.

A full list of which sites will be used in 2022 is still being decided but Stuart explains what goes into picking them: “It’s a mixture of a couple of things, one is, is the site attractive and are people going to enjoy it. 

“But the second aspect is, we were trying to choose sites that weren’t too busy already. So, we’ve got some really beautiful locations, but their car parks get full at a 9 o’clock in the morning and we were struggling for capacity, so we tried to choose sites that were attractive but have that capacity to take overnight stays as well.”

Most of the sites will be free to stay at, but some will have a small cost.

Each site will have a limited capacity which is on a first come first served basis and information on the sites and capacity can be found https://forestryandland.gov.scot/staythenight, with a full list of 2022 sites to be announced soon.

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