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Funding Supporting Young People’s Businesses Takes Final Applications Next Week

LISTEN: Grant Murdoch explains what the fund is all about

An initiative in Perth and Kinross is giving young people support to start new businesses with advice and financial assistance.

And next week, the SEED (self-employment and entrepreneurial development) programme is closing for applications which are offering business advice and a grant.

Grant Murdoch, Enterprise and Communities Development Facilitator, explained: “So we’ve got a, we’ve got funding that is attached to an amazing new program.

“We’re developing this thanks to the Gannochy fund, it’s called seed, self-employment and entrepreneurial development. So, it’s a program that spans over twenty-twenty-two, and it’s all about supporting young people.

“So, it is for 18 to 25 year olds in Perth and Kinross who have a business idea, or just an idea that they maybe want to get off the ground cause.

“Maybe they had it in the back of their mind and were thinking ‘let’s give it a go’. And this is all about using GrowBiz’s skills and expertise to support these young people, to make that idea a reality.

“So, you know, if you’ve got an idea and you’re within that age bracket and you live in Perth and Kinross, or you’re from Perth and Kinross, get in touch because it’s a really exciting opportunity.”

Applications close at the end of this month, Tuesday November 20, and ask a few simple questions with space for applicants to submit a video too.

Grant Murdoch added: “You know, you can maybe tie it in if you’re, if you’re studying or if you’ve maybe got a part time job or even a full-time job.

“It’s about three hours a week really is how it breaks down to the amount of support and training you’ll be getting throughout the program.

“So, it’s not a massive time commitment at the same time. There’s a lot there if you need that help. So, it’s a very flexible program.

“So, I would say if you’re within that age bracket, you’re from Perth and Kinross, live in Perth and Kinross, get in touch.”

More information can be found on: https://www.growbiz.co.uk/seed

As well as: https://www.growbiz.co.uk/events/sustainable-communities

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