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Gatherings Limited to Six People Per Household in Scotland

Gatherings in Scotland are now restricted to no more than six people in two households meeting.

The new rule is to come into place on Monday the 14th of September following Nicola Sturgeons announcement in the Scottish Parliament.

This move comes after Boris Johnson announced similar policy when waves of spikes appeared across the country.

The first Minister said to Parliament: “I can confirm that we intend to change this so a maximum of two households will be permitted to meet together.”

Just today, the national R number across the UK came above 1.0, meaning that for every one person infected they will infect one more person.

Reflecting on the current rules surrounding people meeting Mrs Sturgeon added: “Presiding officer, in addition to pausing the reopening that had been planned for later this month, we have concluded that it is necessary to tighten some existing restrictions; especially between and within households.

“As of now, up to eight people from three households can meet indoors, larger outdoor gatherings are also permitted.”

Over the past week, 1,166 more people were tested and confirmed to have COVID-19.

While cities such as Glasgow have localised lockdown measures put in place, these new rules apply nationwide in all settings.

Mrs Sturgeon says the rules have been delivered in this way to: “To help reduce transmission, but also simplify the rules as much as possible, this new limit will apply both indoors, in houses, pubs and restaurants.”

Breaking these rules still has the same consequence as it has from the start of the lockdown, starting with a £60 fine which can be reduced to £30 by paying within the first 28 days of the fine being issued.

Although there are exceptions, these include: both weddings and funerals, worship, organised sport and civil partnerships.

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