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Gentle Bike Ride Welcomes People of all ages in Aberfeldy Tomorrow

LISTEN: Emma Burtles explains how people can get involed

Residents in Highland Perthshire looking to introduce some gentle exercise into their routine need look no further than the new guided gentle bike ride tours commencing tomorrow (Tuesday, 27 July) offered by Upper Tay Transport and continuing every Tuesday, weather permitting.

The Upper Tay Transport Group offer a range of travel initiatives, one being the Active Travel whereby residents are encouraged to implement walking or bike riding on those short journeys where possible.

Development Officer for Upper Tay Transport, Emma Burtles, said:

“We’ve got the first of our guided bike rides happening.

“These are gentle rides supported by two leaders and they’re going to be fairly short distances so people who perhaps haven’t been on a bike for a while or are keen to do something that might help their physical or mental health or people who might fancy going out and doing something fun with other people. So not necessarily whizzing around hundreds of miles or whizzing over mountains…and it might involve a cup of tea somewhere along the way.

The Upper Tay Transport group say that despite physical activity reducing heart and circulatory diseases by as much as 40%, only 40% of men and 28% of women take part in the recommended weekly exercise amount of 2.5 hours.

Making short journeys by foot or cycling can add up throughout the week and not only benefit your heart and health but your environmental impact too by reducing the amount of cars on the road.

Emma added:

“The Upper Tay Transport project is about improving transport in a whole range of ways for everybody its improving options available so that people can travel more sustainably and people who are currently unable to travel can do so.

“We’ve got a whole load of different projects going on from community lifts – we’re developing a community bus service we have a whole range of different initiatives going on and part of that is our Active Travel project.

“ Active Travel means walking and cycling or I suppose scootering if you want to so its really about encouraging people to walk and cycle more often.

“It’s a great way to travel of course. Good for your health and good for the environment and obviously in our rural commumity, short distances can be big and obviously walking and cycling may not be suitable for every journey but great for popping to school, to the shops or to visit somebody.

Electric bikes are available for complimentary hire for local residents.

To secure a bike hire or reserve a place on the guided bike tours, please visit the Upper Tay Transport Group webpage at www.uppertaytransport.org  or contact Emma Burtles at: emma@uppertaytransport.org 

 Or call 07881 99176.

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