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Giles Conisbee Shares his Experience after a Month of Kindness

LISTEN: Giles Conisbee explains what a month of kindness is all about

Giles Conisbee has dedicated his February to enhancing the day of those around him with acts of Kindness.

His challenge demanded at least one act of kindness every day to anyone outside of his family, who could be his friends or even people who he didn’t know.

Giles explained: “I think when I set out, it was quite, like all these things, quite easy to say you’re going to do it and then when it comes to actually doing it, and doing it every day, it’s a bit of a challenge.

So, in order to make sure that the challenge was always pushing him, Giles made sure the rules were very clear.

He said: “I didn’t want any easy outs, the idea that I could just go down the street and wave at someone randomly and that would be my kindness for the day. I kind of didn’t want to do that.

“I decided that I wanted to do a little bit more than that and being a bit more, I suppose, being of mindful, very present, about being kind.

“So I wanted to focus on kind of connecting with people who live near me, again because I think February’s already a hard month and we’re living under restrictions and, hey, we had the Beast from the East as well and the nights were dark.

“So very much connecting with the people around me, and also, weirdly, people very far away from me, people who I can’t see because of travelling, and then just randomly, so just trying to be kind within the community.”

At first it was easy for Giles to make sure he was keeping up with the programme, but very shortly after that he found he was needing ideas.

That lead him to do a whole range of things from chasing bins on stormy nights, writing letters and donating to food banks.

Giles said: “I realised I needed a plan, I think part of the stress was getting to five o’clock in the evening and realising that I hadn’t done that thing that I thought I definitely should do.

“So definitely having more than one idea in a day, because sometimes I would plan to just knock on a neighbour’s door, I’d cooked or whatever, and they weren’t in or not answering.”

‘There’s Giles outside my door, trying to be kind. I’m going to pretend I’m not in’ joked Giles.

After this past month, and with a few days to consider it, Giles is planning on going for the challenge again come February 2021. And he thinks others should join him too.

He added: “I’d like to think that when I get to sort of January next year, I will plan to repeat the process.

“And hopefully inspire and encourage and connect with more people, so I’ll be looking to repeat it next February next year.”

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