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Guided Walking Tours of Dun Coillich Hill this Weekend

Two guided walking tours of the Dùn Coillich hill to the east of Schiehallion are taking place this Saturday.

Alongside the guided walks, there will be a butterfly workshop running on 17th May. 

The walks are the first in a series of activities being run by the Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust (HPCLT).

The HPCLT is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their acquisition of Dùn Coillich. HPCLT project officer Heather Hamilton said: “Over the last twenty years, we’ve planted quarter of a million native trees on the hills.

“We’ve put in twelve kilometres of walking trails which are open for anyone to come along and explore. 

“Quite a lot has changed, it used to be a kind of bare hillside and now it’s very much starting to look like a woodland.”

The badger walk events on 30th May and 4th June have sold out but you can still put your name forward as a reserve in case tickets become available. 

The first walk on Saturday is set to start at 6:30am. 

Ms Hamilton added: “It’s an early start but that is the best time to hear the birds. 

“We’ve got our ecologist coming up whose going to introduce you to some of the bird sounds on the hill and hopefully we’ll get to see some of the birds as well.”

A second walk will begin at 11am and run till 2pm. 

Ms Hamilton said: “We’ve got our woodland manager coming up whose going to give you a guided walk round some of the planted woodland and introduce you to some of the trees and plants that we have.”

Anyone wishing to know more about the events or get involved in volunteering at Dùn Coillich should visit https://www.facebook.com/DunCoillich.

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