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Have You Filled in the 2022 Scottish Census?  

The 2022 Scottish Census is now live and available to fill out, reflecting your circumstances on Census Day, which is Sunday, 20th March 2022. All households in Scotland should have receive information on how to complete the census in the post which also contains a code for filling in the census.

Pete Whitehouse, the Director of Statistic Services for National Records of Scotland, explains what the census is and why it is so important: “The census is the official count of the population of Scotland.

“So, every household across Scotland is asked to fill in the census and tell us about, where they live, the household they live within, information about their education, their health needs and information about themselves.

“So, what the census does is it tells us about the people of Scotland, it tells us about where we live how we live how we move around, and all of that information is so important to how we identify the needs for services.

“So, our understanding of our needs for hospital services or community healthcare, our need for education and new schools or school places, but also the kind of transport infrastructure that we need, by understanding how people travel for work or study, and also where we live and the kinds of households we live within because that helps inform future planning for house building and other related services.

“So, its hugely important that everyone across Scotland, every household completes their census.”

The 2022 Scottish census will feature new questions which have been included to meet a need that has been established during events talking to people, communities, and groups about their need for data, to help inform their needs and requests for funding.

These new questions will ask about, use of British Sign Language (BSL), passports held, sexual orientation, trans status and previous armed forces service history.

More information can be found by visiting – https://www.scotlandscensus.gov.uk/

The census can be completed at https://www.census.gov.scot/ where more information on how to complete it, what you need to do and about any help and support you might need.

For further help and guidance, you can contact, National Records of Scotland by phone – 0131 202 0451, BSL User can contact – https://contactscotland-bsl.org/deafcallers/. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am until 12pm.

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