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Have Your Say in the Council’s Parks Survey

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The Perth and Kinross Council is looking to trial letting grass across Highland Perthshire grow out in the interest of improving biodiversity.

The Pitlochry Recreation Ground is one of the parks lined up for trail which is considering how tall grass can help improve the habitats of creatures living in local environment.

A spokesperson for PKC said: “To help support our statutory duty to address climate change we are undertaking some alternative maintenance trials across a number of sites in Perth and Kinross.

“We will be leaving some areas with longer grass, reducing the use of weedkillers and strimming, particularly around trees. These measures will help create habitats for wildlife, insects, and pollinators while stopping strimming around trees will reduce the damage that can occur.

“We will be planting more native species of trees, both grown from seed or locally sourced and will continue using cuttings from our existing sites to grow on our own shrubs, which will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the risk of pests and diseases. We are also trying to leave selected areas to rewild as this lets nature take its course in the most natural way.

“In addition, we will not be spraying or strimming around obstacles on any sites other than cemeteries, war memorials, paths that PKC maintain and high profile sites. Hard surfaces such as when dust and tarmac will continue to be maintained.”

Anyone looking to have their say heard can go to: https://www.quiz-maker.com/poll3887008x0Ef649AB-122?fbclid=IwAR3fp1BwQ1YGdpv-C4dnLrPn3–87elzSnv9uVUdkvvpDkIGwwkOmiFU8TA

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