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Have your Say on the Post Lockdown PH8 Area Community

LISTEN: Sophie Cade shares how the PH8 Community Matters Group are giving locals their say

The PH8 Community Matters group is reaching out to locals to participate in a community survey about life locally to create a plan for future improvement of the area.

Co-Chair of PH8 Community Matters, Sophie Cade, said:

“The survey is to ask everybody who’s living within the PH8 area, some really simple questions about the community in the area in which they live.

“We’re asking people to tell us what they think is good about the area what they like, what’s important to them, what concerns they may have if they have any concerns or issues, they want to raise about things that maybe could be improved and what would be their vision for the future of the community of the PH8 area.

The survey offers a range of questions including a rating system of local amenities as well as opportunities to fill in any local services you would like improved or introduced in order to gain a perspective of the needs within the area.

The data from the report will then be collated by the PH8 Community Matters group and turned into a report for future planning. Sophie added:

“When we’re feeding back this information, we’ll be looking to explore a little bit more, some of the themes and initiatives that might arise wherever they are looking at getting people to interact with the findings through different engagement activities and hopefully some community events or drop-ins.

“Start engaging with information so that we can start to really kind of prioritise and put it into some kind of order the sorts of things that come out of it.

“As long as you’re armed with all the different things that people want to see or ideas that they have so we can try and distil it… into something that’s actually useful Community Action Plan at the end of it.

The survey also allows members of the community to reflect upon the past year and any difficulties or triumphs in the area. Sophie added:

“I think that now this petition is probably even greater importance and opportunity to be potentially to do this kind of work because of the changes that we’ve seen in the COVID pandemic.

“Last year, probably, for some people that probably never spent quite so much time just in that community.

“And I think it’s probably given lots of people the chance to see all the good things and the great the positive of being in our community and then potentially also highlighted some potential issues or concerns that people might have should look at addressing into the future as well.

“It’s created a bit of a fork in the road that now seems like a good time to grab people’s attention hopefully and get these ideas into some kind of coherent plan that we can hopefully use to develop and use to do good things as we go forward.”

Volunteers from the group will also be visiting local areas in the coming days to assist those people needing help to access or fill in the survey or to post paper copies for those shielding or unable to visit the post office.

Posters carrying QR codes leading directly to the survey website have also been placed around the local area for easy access.

The online version of the survey can be found at: https://survey.alchemer.eu/s3/90328315/ph8-community-matters-online-survey-2021 and further information at http://www.dunkeldandbirnamnews.co.uk/

A physical paper copy can also be found in this month’s edition of The Bridge.

You can follow and contact the PH8 Community Matters group on social media at: https://www.facebook.com/ph8communitymatters


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