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Heartland Down to Four Day to go for Crowdfunder

This is the final leg for Heartland’s Crowdfunder as we sail towards our target, standing at elven and a half thousand pounds and counting we’re nearly there.

With donations from cash and cheques coming in too, ever day we come closer to our £25,000 goal. But it will take donations from across Highland Perthshire to do this.

Station Manager Alistair Smith said “Ultimately we want to be here for the businesses when our economy begins to recover and here for the community too who rely on us for a variety of different reasons. Our daily local news is second to none and something we are all very proud of”

Heartland’s been at the ready to support the community throughout the pandemic, by continuing to air the station has made it into the homes of people isolated across the area.

With productions such as the pantomime, hourly local news and community updates, we’ve been keeping the airwaves informed and entertained.

Heartland’s chairman, Graham Huggins said: “I would challenge anyone to match us in the breadth that we have. We are a comprehensive operation with a fantastic team.

“We find ourselves trying to operate in an area that contains many of the sectors that have been hardest hit which has destroyed the income streams we used to have.

“We remain optimistic that we can see ourselves through this terrible time with the generous help from fans of the station and the community we serve and work alongside”

But it will take this funding to keep up all of the hard work, the station doesn’t receive regular government funding and has tried to maintain as self-sufficient as possible.

Rewards for donating are great expressions of our gratitude with some exciting offers.

One of the smaller donations, at £10, gets your name on the air with our presenters personally thanking you for your generosity.

For only £20 you can take your voice to the air, donations of this size can put you on the top of the hour. Making the important announcements for the news, each hour, for a whole day in January.

Our most popular donation is £100 which puts your name up on our ‘Crowdfunder Wall of Fame’, and we want to wish a big thank you to everyone who’s donated so far.

Mr Huggins added: “I’ve been looking through the comments people have made and I’m very happy with the comments people are making about the value they put on the service we’re providing.

“It’s always nice to get that sort of feedback and not only that it’s feedback with people actually putting their hands in their pockets and contributing.”

So join the 181 other supporters and more, who’ve so very generously donated to keep Heartland on the air.

You can support us on our Crowdfunder page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/heartland

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