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Heartland FM Celebrates Local Radio Day

LISTEN: Alistair Smith describes why local radio is an important service

Local Radio Day is a celebration, organised by Local Radio Alliance, of the increasingly fewer and fewer local radio stations across the UK.

The theme of this year’s celebration is communities making waves: turning the tide on isolation, which empahsises the crucial role of radio stations in connecting communities.

Heartland’s own chairman: Graham Huggins agreed, saying: “It falls exactly within the fundamental goals that we have. I think local radio I think is becoming more and more important, particularly in rural areas.”

Station manager, Alistair Smith, adds ‘we’ve proved using the resources of Heartland Multimedia, we can keep people connected by setting up and managing a phone number for one of the COVID support groups.’

Local Radio Alliance founder, Dom Chambers, says “With the extraordinary year we have been having it is inevitable that Local Radio Day is about communities taking action. We want this day to be a celebration of those heroes and organisations that stepped up in a national crisis to help their fellow people.

“Audiences have been drawn to those locally trusted voices offering both the information we need to hear as well as diverting us with great entertainment and music choices.”

For Alistair Smith, this has been exactly what Heartland Multimedia has aimed to do throughout the pandemic after launching the radio programme ‘From me to You’ in what Mr Smith describes as ‘for the very purposes of keeping people connected.’

Tune into Heartland Multimedia today to have a listen to why figures from around the Highland Perthshire community value local radio as much as they do.

Follow the link to listen back to some of Heartland’s coverage of the Highland Perthshire community during the pandemic: https://www.heartland.scot/heartland-fm-supports-local-radio-day-2020/

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