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Heartland Launches its very own Business to Business Programme

Heartland Multimedia is launching its debut business to business programme this afternoon at 12pm which aims to connect voice of local enterprise with the people across Highland Perthshire.

Host Chris Stanton, Heartland’s head of sales and marketing, will be joined by co-host, Alistair Smith, station manager, by guests with something to say about trading in the heart of Scotland.

Chris Stanton said: “The business to business programme is an idea that we came up with which is a way of introducing businesspeople and our listeners and multimedia platform.

“So, we’re hoping it’s going to be an interesting discussion, and it’s laid out as conversation really, rather than anything else, really looking forward to it.”

Airing on Highland Perthshire’s airwaves, the programme will also be available online in a video format for our audience’s viewing pleasure.

In the premier episode, Chris and Alistair are joined by Julie Riddell from Highland Safaris and Stepehen Curruthers from RW Bell.

Highland Safaris is an outdoors tours company based in Aberfeldy who offer a unique adventure each trip, ranging from forest trials, biking trials and 4×4 expeditions.

RW Bell is Pitlochry’s answer to Highland Perthshire’s handy project needs, big and small, with experienced services in renewable, electrical, joinery and plumbing.

Chris adds: “The first broadcast is on today, between twelve noon and one o’clock, and we’re very excited to hear it for the first time.”

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