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Heartland Multimedia is Celebrating Highland Perthshire’s Christmas Displays

Helen Oliver is a Pitlochry local who wants to keep the festive season spirit alive despite the challenging year that’s passed.

The town her daughter lives in celebrated Halloween by putting up spooky displays for families to follow without having to break COVID regulations.

Now she’s hoping towns across Highland Perthshire can try something similar by lighting up windows and gardens with Christmas decorations.

She said: “It got me thinking, with Pitlochry not having the Christmas Festival this year, what if people decorated their house or garden or window and somehow, we could have a Christmas Light Trail to brighten up the few weeks before Christmas.”

Her idea is that this will give parents, children and everyone else a chance to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

This way, people can get outside and do something, without having to organise crowded event, in small groups.

Helen Oliver added: “I put a post on Pitlochry News and got a good response, also The Baptist Church have plans in the pipeline to light up the outside of the church building.”

Heartland is going to be hosting a page on our site with a gallery of the displays set up around Highland Perthshire.

We will have a submissions page where people can upload a picture and give their display a name.

You can also let us know which street your display is on as an option when loading your display onto the site.

Helen Oliver is keen to emphasise this is not a competition, but just a bit of fun, adding: “I don’t want it to be a competition just something people would enjoy doing to brighten up the local area.

“So, anyone can put in as much effort as they want and it doesn’t have to be costly and there is no time scale as to when it is done.”

The idea is that by uploading your display to our site, we can help people see that the spirit of Christmas is still bright and cheerful across Highland Perthshire.

Helen Oliver said: “Anyone who knows me will know I am a crafter and passionate about recycling so our garden will have an element of that and it would be great if other people came up with their recycled decoration ideas.

“I hope this Christmas Light Trail would be as popular as the painted stones which I know kids loved looking for during lock down and it will give us all something else to think about during this difficult time we are living through.”

Anyone with displays already should send us their pics ahead of time through Facebook or our email: news@heartland.scot

We’re hoping to have a few pictures before the page goes online so we can show off just what Highland Perthshire has to offer right from the get go.

Our webpage will also have winter information from the A9, other roads and public transport too.

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