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Heartland Passes Crowdfunder Goal!

On the final day of our Crowdfunder Heartland passed our goal of reaching £25,000 as part of our crowdfunding campaign.

Heartland would like to thank everyone who’s donated, big or small, we’ve needed all the support that we’ve got and couldn’t be more thankful.

Station Alistair smith said: “The whole community got behind the crowdfunding event for Heartland FM, and this will help us to plug the gap in our finances.

“And we’ve seen a lot of kindness, with one anonymous donation to the crowdfunding appeal who accepted the reward of an advertising package to help local businesses promote themselves, which they’ve donated to two businesses in Highland Perthshire.”

Over the 30 days spend crowdfunding, we couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with the response from the community.

Not only did people support us with their wallets, but touchingly, we were inundated everyday with an incredible number of supportive messages.

One supporter commented: “Thank you for all your support for Callum Beattie’s music over the years and all unsigned artists who would otherwise not get their music heard on radio, everything crossed you raise the necessary funds to keep the station up and running.

“you are an important grassroots link for unsigned and upcoming artists.”

Another said: “Great local station, with a real community involvement. Be a real shame to lose it after 28 years.

“Love the presenters, the music played, and of course the daily banter. Good luck Heartland FM”

And many more who we can’t say thank you enough for the generosity of their kind words and donations.

The campaign was also endorsed by our local representatives, John Swinney, Liz Smith, Pete Wishart, Murdo Fraser and our local councillors.

Support from them right from the beginning really helped give us the confidence to put our name out there with this appeal.

Alistair added: “One of the most outstanding things that happened during the crowdfunding was arriving at the studio finding cash and cheques through the letter box.

“Some with no identification of who they were from, with people wanting to donate anonymously.

“So can I say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Crowdfunder appeal, for myself and the rest of the Heartland FM team.”

As the counting continues, we’ll have more on Monday when the total becomes clearer.

To find out more about our appeal, click on the following: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/heartland?utm_source=www.heartland.scot&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=pledge&utm_campaign=Join%20together%20to%20keep%20Heartland%20FM%20alive

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