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Heartland FM Sweeps the Board with Four Awards in the UK-wide Community Radio Awards, including Silver for Station of the Year

LISTEN: Graham Huggins gives his reaction to Heartland’s awards

Heartland walked away from this year’s community radio awards with four awards, one golden, two silvers and another bronze.

Our journalist Ashleigh Keenan Bryce won our gold award for best newcomer of the year, Katherine Liley took home silver for best female presenter and we won our bronze award for our outside coverage of the Scottish Parliament elections.

And finally, we won the silver award for the station of the year award.

Heartland’s Chair, Graham Huggins, said: “I just think it’s an awesome result and I’m very proud of the team and not only the people that won the awards, but all the rest of the team as well. We all work together here to deliver the kind of shows that we want for our community.

“And I’m just so proud of what they’ve achieved and what they will achieve in the future. It’s a sign that we’re making serious progress that our peers appreciate it.”

It’s not just the team who run Heartland behind our awards this year, but the support of the community which helped us through the pandemic and drove us towards the recognition we won this weekend.

Mr Huggins explained: “It’s what we’re all about. It’s our, it’s our raison d’etre. Our core guideline is in fact for the community, by the community. In other words, our reason for existing is to improve communication within the community, enable the community to discuss things, bring local events to attention and actually stimulate other things as well.”

And it’s more than just the radio which Heartland is winning in, over the last year we’ve explored new ways of communicating by relaunching our social media and invited the community to have their say in our online magazine.

Mr Huggins added: “So, it’s not just the sort of broadcast radio side of the business we work on, which is why we call ourselves a multimedia operation rather than just radio. But I think that radio is a tremendously powerful tool. You know, for instance, you’re driving along, you listen to the radio and you could drive quite happily and safely listening to the radio. You couldn’t do that if you were watching your video.”

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