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Heartland’s Crowdfunder is Coming

Starting at 1pm on Wednesday, Heartland launches its first appeal to the public in 28 years after the impact left by the Coronavirus.

Launching our first ever Crowdfunder comes after the Coronavirus his Highland Perthshire’s key sectors the hardest by restricting tourism and hospitality.

Each month Heartland spends thousands to keep our comprehensive service running, with 24/7 airtime, engaging online and reporting local news.

Chairman Graham Huggins said: “The money’s going to be spent mainly on retaining the great team that we’ve put together.”

However, our station doesn’t receive any licence, subscription fees or any regular public funding.

Instead we are funded by the generosity of local business and sponsorships who connect to the community by adverting through us.

Mr Huggins added: “I claim that we are the best run community radio station in the country.

“I would challenge anybody to match us in the breadth that we’ve got, not just radio, not just the magazine, but also Facebook and all the social outlets that we have.

“We run across the whole thing and we maintain a local news service, so we’re a pretty comprehensive operation.”

Having spent the pandemic on air and continuing to support the local community in every way possible it’s taken an enormous effort from the team to keep up the standard of work.

The launch of the digital magazine is one way we’re reaching out in new ways and rebranding as a multimedia platform in others.

But it’s not a question of over stretching, as Mr Huggins explained: “All members of the team have agreed to take a cut in salary, a significant one, in some cases fifty per cent and some case twenty-five percent.”

With daily news coverage, radio shows for the community by the community and even an upcoming pantomime, the show must go on.

So now it’s more important than ever to ask for the community’s support to do this. He added: “We’ve been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which has basically destroyed our income, and our income relies on businesses in the Highland Perthshire area.

“The businesses in Highland Perthshire are fundamentally down to tourism and the hospitality sector and they’re the very businesses where people do mix and they’re the very businesses where people do mix and consequently been the hardest hit.”

And no other time has put the station, and everyone else into this position throughout Heartland’s nearly thirty years after starting in 1992.

Now that the vaccine starts to promise a return to normal, this fundraiser is to help see us through until then.

More information on how to support us and find out what rewards we have in store for you will become available from Wednesday afternoon.

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