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Heartland’s Crowdfunder Launch goes ‘Extremely Well’

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Heartland’s Crowdfunder has come out of the gates running, surpassing the first milestone one day into the campaign.

Hitting the goal of passing the first ten per cent of our ambition, more than two and a half thousand pounds has been raised.

This is a good start on the road to raising £25,000 to ‘see us through this patch’ after income through adverting slowed down.

Chairman Graham Huggins said: “I’ve been looking through the comments people have made and I’m very happy with the comments people are making about the value they put on the service we’re providing.

“It’s always nice to get that sort of feedback and not only that it’s feedback with people actually putting their hands in their pockets and contributing. So all in all, I think today’s gone extremely well.”

To add to that, Mr Huggins was also very pleased with the run up to the launch and finally the first day online.

He said: “I’m particularly pleased with the way the launch has gone, I think everybody worked hard and the launch came across very professionally across all of our services.

The fundraiser comes after the Coronavirus hit some of Highland Perthshire’s key industries by restricting movement into the area and challenging hospitality to overcome social distancing.

Usually it’s these businesses who help keep heartland going by sponsoring programmes and adverting online and on the radio.

As trustee, Kate Howie, explained: “Our funding comes through our sales and marketing, and as with all organisations this has been a dreadful year.

“Particularly in Highland Perthshire because we depend so much on tourism and catering, but businesses will take time to recover.”

And no one can say the funding shortfall is the fault of any trader in Highland Perthshire after many have been forced to reconsider their staff numbers and opening hours to stay afloat.

Our marketing manager, Chris Stanton, explained: “We need to get revenue from adverting and that of course has been in twenty twenty, a huge shortfall on that score.

“And we can totally understand and respect the different businesses who’ve been reluctant to get involved in a way that they used to do or as a potential new thing for them to do.

“So, we understand that, hence the crowdfunding initiate, and we just want to get to the new year with some continued support from the business community and keep us going beyond the Crowdfunder.”

You can support Heartland on the following link https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/heartland

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