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Help inform Transport Scotland’s response to COVID-19 and Climate Emergency

Transport Scotland has launched a national survey to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected working practices, staff travel and business travel. We would like to find out about employers’ experience of working from home / flexible working, business travel and commuting before the COVID-19 pandemic, during the lockdown (March-June), and in the longer term as we recover from the pandemic.

By completing the survey you will make a real difference – helping to identify barriers and opportunities to sustainable working and travel practices. This information will inform future policies, shaping Scotland’s response to the Climate Emergency, and helping businesses to fulfil the Scottish Business Pledge.

Please complete this survey if you have insight into your business’s / organisation’s working and travel practices, for example, if you are a senior manager or work in a relevant field such as HR. The survey will close on Friday 28th August 2020.

You can complete the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DD2TRH9

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