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Highland Perthshire Counillor Encourages Community’s Involement in Planning Process

Image Courtesy of A & J Stephen

LISTEN: Councillor John Duff gives his view on why it’s important that people have their say in the planning process

With the planning proposal into Perth and Kinross Council from A & J Stephen builders, local Councillor John Duff is encouraging people in Pitlochry to have their say in the process.

The company has submitted it’s planning application notice which indicates at this early stage they intent to apply to build 85 new homes off the A9 in Pitlochry.

This application says: “A public face-to-face meeting will not be undertaken due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, with an online consultation being undertaken instead.”

As part of this process, John Duff added: “This well known developer is seeking the views of local people on their plans for the Fonab site.

“I would encourage Pitlochry residents to go online as the company will try take onboard constructive comments at this stage.”

Highland Perthshire counillor, Mike Williamson is unable to comment since he is a sitting member of the planning committee so it would be inappropriate for him to comment.

Details on how to find out more information about the proposal can be found by following the link: https://www.stephenpitlochry.co.uk/

Anyone wishing to make their comment to A & J Stephen builders can email: planning@turnberryuk.com

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