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Highland Perthshire Politicians React to Boris Johnson Apology

Highland Perthshire politicians are calling for resignation of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he admitted to attending a party at 10 Downing Street on May 20 last year.

Boris Johnson took accountability on Wednesday at Prime Ministers Questions for attending the event in the gardens of Downing Street on the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife for the Scottish Green Party, Mark Ruskell, dismissed the Prime Ministers ‘feeble’ apology considering the struggles facing the country as a whole at that time.

Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“The Prime Minister’s feeble apology at PMQs simply won’t cut it. His display in the Commons once again confirmed that he is utterly unfit to hold public office.

“While the people of Perth were enduring immense hardship, to safeguard the vulnerable and protect our public services, Mr Johnson was partying. And then he lied about it again and again.

“The level of solidarity shown by the public over the last two years has been remarkable, people in Perth have followed strict rules, yet the Prime Minister didn’t have the decency to follow those same rules.

“Boris Johnson’s actions were not only selfish but risked undermining important public health guidance. Johnson’s time is up. He must go and go now. And if he won’t resign then his Conservative colleagues must find their backbone and force him out.”

Pete Wishart the MP for Perth and North Perthshire had this to say about the PM’s actions:

“Another week, another scandal. The pace at which these stories of shame and corruption pour out of Downing Street could almost make us apathetic to their severity. But make no mistake, today’s revelation in PMQs is no small matter.

“I have received an unprecedented volume of correspondence from constituents who are rightfully appalled by the Prime Minister.

“Last May, millions of people across the country were enduring all kinds of unimaginable sacrifices at the request of this government, all the while the man in charge of making the rules was attending a “Bring Your Own Booze” party with colleagues. 

“Perhaps the most depressing part about all of this, however, is that in his admission of guilt he still places himself above the rules.

“Now cornered with no scapegoats left to hide behind, he has admitted to wrongdoing. While this is marginally better than denying it altogether, the apology means nothing without consequence. 

“Matt Hancock resigned for being found to have broken the rules, as did Allegra Stratton. In both those cases, the Prime Minister accepted their resignations as the correct course of action. And yet, now that it is him in the hot seat, he expects for the situation to disappear since he has owned up to it. 

“Unfortunately for him, for as long as he stays, so too will the public outrage. Public trust in government is at an all-time low, and there is an overwhelming consensus that Boris Johnson is simply unfit for the job. His actions have been barbaric, and the only appropriate way forward is for him to resign.”

Click here to read the prime minister’s statement regarding the event in the House of Commons.


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