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Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine Host Meeting in Pitlochry

Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine will be holding a meeting in Pitlochry after successfully welcoming two families to Aberfeldy over the last week with many more matched with hosts and awaiting visas.

Now the plan is to expand across the region to help support more refugee families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. A meeting will be held at the Pitlochry Baptist Church this evening starting at 7pm. With the meeting hoping to collate the skills and resources available.  

Help is needed not just to provide housing but to form teams to help with Visa’s, Funding, Transportation, and the assembly of Welcome and Information packs.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting at the Baptist Church on Atholl Road in Pitlochry, 7pm.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine can on HPwelcomesukraine@gmail.com

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