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Highland Perthshire’s Episcopal Church Zoom’s!

With meetings in person becoming less safe as the virus spreads furthers, Highland Perthshire’s Episcopal Church is moving to Zoom.

Now that places of worship cannot meet in person after the First Minister’s announcement, the Episcopal Church is hosting its sermons on zoom.

The Reverent Canon Liz Baker said: “We are doing a zoom service on a Sunday morning at ten thirty, an evening service at six o’clock, and a Thursday morning service at 10:30.

“You can find details for these on our website which is http://www.hplc.scot/, or you can give me a telephone call on 01796 472005.

“And of course we’ve got all this information in the Atholl Quair, and the Breadalbane Quair and in deed Pitlochry Life.”

While the Church has no option but to close it’s doors, it’s certainly not shut for service online and is continuing with weddings and funerals, as per the rules, in the meantime.

The Reverent continued: “We hope that we can be back to normal as soon as possible, but we’re very, very concerned about keeping people safe and well.

“Weddings and funerals are still permitted, but weddings it’s only five people and funerals a maximum of twenty and not inside the church.

“So, we are here, the church is not closed and there will be videos and things available during the times we have to shut our doors.”

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