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‘Home First’ Reduces Homelessness by 24%


A new initiative from Perth and Kinross Councillors is making an impact for homeless Perth and Kinross.

‘Home First’ is aiming to give homeless people a direct route into medium to long term accommodation.

Committee Vice Convener, Councillor Chris Ahern said: “By the time the Scottish Government required a RRTP from each local authority we had already transformed our service over a number of years by introducing a Home First approach – significantly reducing our temporary accommodation portfolio, reorganising our homelessness and allocations functions into one team and implementing our own rapid rehousing system.

“We had also established a successful range of private-sector access initiatives and a long-standing Common Housing Register in partnership with our Registered Social Landlords.”

PKC’s plan is aiming to reduce the ‘need for temporary accommodation’, ‘minimising the duration, impact, stigma and cost of homelessness.’

The council’s first draft was submitted to the Scottish Government in 2018, and now they’re coming up to reviewing their updated draft in a meeting on February 3.

A report put before the Housing and Communities Committee says that the plan has brought a reduction in ‘homelessness presentations’ of around 31% to 38% between young people aged between 16 – 25.

It adds that there were no households with children in temporary accommodation at Christmas 2020 and that Perth and Kinross comes first in ‘minimising the average length of stay in temporary accommodation and the overall duration of homelessness.’

Councillor Ahern added: “Our Home First approach has transformed outcomes for people who need homelessness support in Perth and Kinross, as can be seen through this report.

“We will continue to develop this important area of our work so that homelessness is prevented wherever possible, and that when someone does become homeless they are given fast access to settled accommodation with support put in place to sustain their tenancy.”

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