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How to Save Highland Perthshire from Forest Fires

Scottish Nature Agency, NatureScot is urging those enjoying the outdoors to be aware of the risks of fire and how to take preventative steps due to high risks of fire across Scotland this weekend.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have warned of a very high to extreme risk of wildfire across North-East, East and Central Scotland and an extreme risk across Western Scotland until Saturday April 17th.

Nature Reserves Senior Adviser with NatureScot, Stewart Pritchard said:

“After what has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, it is great news that people will once again be able to travel to enjoy our great outdoors and we’re looking forward to welcoming people back to our beautiful National Nature Reserves.

“We want people to enjoy their visits but with extreme wildfire warnings in place it’s vital to bear in mind that fires spread quickly in these conditions and devastate nature and wildlife.

“The Scottish Outdoor Access Code states never to light open fires in these conditions as fires that get out of control cause major damage.

“We would also urge people to be extremely cautious when disposing of cigarettes – even a cigarette butt can easily start a wildfire.

“One of the biggest risks is disposable barbecues. These should be left to cool and taken away and disposed of safely along with all other rubbish. You may think the barbecue is no longer a risk, but the lingering heat could cause vegetation to smoulder and catch fire.

“When out and about this weekend please follow the code and respect, protect and enjoy our wonderful countryside.”

With the easing of travel restrictions across Scotland, people are being asked to remain cautious when using disposable barbeques or disposing of cigarettes.

Due to the high risks, visitors to natural areas should not light any fires. 

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code includes advice on how to best enjoy your camping trip safely including tips on reducing the risks of fire. This can be viewed at: https://www.outdooraccess-scotland.scot/practical-guide-all/camping/lighting-fires

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