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Important Community Council Meetings for Dunkeld and Pitlochry

LISTEN: Andrew Cave explains the problems with Traffic in Dunkeld and how the community council are planning on tackling the issue

The Dunkeld and Pitlochry community council’s are meeting tonight to discuss issues which will impact the individual future of each town.

The community council in Dunkeld is meeting tonight for their monthly meeting where problems surrounding traffic will be raised.

Pitlochry’s community council is meeting to discuss the plans for an ‘event’s space’ which is funded through the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Fund.

The fund has awarded the council with £1.983m to help develop ‘vibrant local economies’, ‘town centre living’, ‘access to public service’ and more.

A document presented to councillors updating them on the status of the plans said: “Despite a number of consultation events and discussion with property owners and community reps, there is not a viable project that can be delivered in the timescale.”

However, Councillor Grant Laing wanted to know why project had been deemed not ‘viable’ a year and some months after the council was first awarded the money.

During the meeting, of the council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee, Mr Laing asked: “I’d like to know convenor, either from yourself or vice-conveyor, is how we’ve got from the situation yesterday, when these papers came out less than 24-hours later, with a project that’s been going on the go for 15 months can suddenly turn around in about 24 hours?

“From being un-viable, unable to move forward and not enough progress, what’s happened in the last 24-hours to change that situation?”

Councillor Murray Lyle, the conveyor of the meeting, said responded ‘I’m not sure that there has been a definite conclusion that nay project has gone from being viable to unviable in 24 hours.’

At the beginning of the meeting, Cheif Executive, Karen Reid, had started by saying that ‘in Pitlochry, there is insufficient progress’ but that there will be an update ‘at the end of November’ on the options for the project.

When Mr Lyle offered for PKC officers to give their view, Mrs Reid, said: “I think at the time the paper was written, I think it is fair to say, we hadn’t necessarily made the progress in Pitlochry that we would like to have seen.

“We will try move matters on at pace and look at how we can engage with some of the key stakeholders and as I say bring back a report in November.”

Now the Pitlochry community council are taking the opportunity to have their say on the proposals during their meeting tonight.

Dunkeld’s community council are also meeting this evening to discuss what can be done about the problems an influx of traffic is bringing into the town.

HGV’s, a narrow bridge way and busy parking are all issues clogging up the towns road ways, solutions such as 20 mile-per-hour zones and priority parking are all up for discussion.

Chair of the Road Safety Sub Group, Andrew Cave, said: “This is a really important time to be thinking big and I think, all communities should be thinking about how we develop over the next five to ten years.

“And in so doing I think it can be quite an optimistic time, there’s a surge of interest in sustainability and local enterprise.

“And if there’s a way that we can harness the energy that’s come out of community activism and COVID response groups, I think that will be a fantastic legacy from the lockdown.”

To join the Pitlochry meeting tonight, which starts at 7:30 pm, email: pitlochrycommunitycouncil@gmail.com

To join the Dunkeld meeting, starting at 7 pm, email

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