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‘It’s an Even Worse Thing to Try and Explain to a Five-Year-old’ Four Bikes Stolen in Dunkeld

LISTEN: Ric McLaughlin describes finding out the bikes were stolen, what this has meant for his family and what the bikes look like

Four, high value, mountain bikes have been stolen in Dunkeld this week from a passionate local mountain biker.

Ric McLaughlin is a keen enthusiast and journalist in the mountain biking world but after taking his daughter to school found that four of his bikes, worth thousands each, were stolen.

The thefts have gone stolen more than just the bikes for Mr McLaughlin, he said: “I mean personally it’s a horrible thing but it’s an even worse thing to have to describe, and try and explain, to a five year old.

“That’s why I would really like them back, I would actually rather the guys, whoever it was, is caught and then hopefully we can explain to our kids there’s ramifications to these actions.”

For Mr McLaughlin, one of the worst aspects goes beyond the theft of the bikes but the actions of the perpetrators.

He says, ‘you know this is our family home’, the village feels like home but ‘to think somebody has done that and has surveiled our house, and looked at us’ Mr McLaughling adds ‘it feels horrible to have been targeted.’

Realising the bikes were stolen only happened the morning Mr McLaughlin set off to take his daughter to school, he explained: “I left the house on Monday morning to take my daughter to school and discovered that our garage had been broken into and four of my mountain bikes had been stolen.

“And we’re were obviously targeted and they got entry to the back of our property.”

Appealing to people in Highland Perthshire to help, Mr McLaughlin said: “Just if anybody sees anything strange at all, I mean these are very high end, very expensive, and very unique looking bikes.

“I mean there’s no denying the professionalism of which they were stolen, but likewise these guys will probably want to try them out, they’ll probably want a pedal around on them.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious if they could just let Tayside Police know, it might just be the smallest thing but anything at all could hopefully lead to them coming back.”

Tayside Police added: “There is a very good possibility they have been stolen for the purpose of selling on. If you have been offered any of these bikes for sale, or have any other information that could assist our investigation, please call 101 or speak with any police officer.

“Also, information can be given anonymously through CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. Our reference is incident 0595 of 3rd November.”

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