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Jock Duncan: Eddie Rose Reflects the Remarkable Life of a Man Worth Remembering

LISTEN: Eddie Rose shares his memories of Jock Duncan

Born in Aberdeenshire in 1925, Jock Duncan lived on to lead a life full of passion for music after growing up in a                 melodic household with his mother playing the piano.

Later in his life, around the 1970’s, he began to perform more and more on stage, with recordings making their way on to CDs.

Eddie Rose remembers him for his enthusiasm and popularity anywhere Scottish music took place.

Looking back on his remarkable career, Eddie reflected on the work which made him stand out in Pitlochry and where the drive for such a celebration started.

He said: “I think it all started because he came form New Deer, a place up in Aberdeenshire, that’s where he was born, obviously on a farm.

“And his mother played the piano, he always had music in the family. And then later on in his life his sons became very famous pipers. So, he’s been involved in music all his life.

Eddie’s connection with Jock stretches further than through his music, Jock’s son, Ian, was Eddie’s best man during his wedding.

He added: “So, I’ve known Jock all that time, but I was involved with him with concerts as well.

“He was a great guy, he had so much information about all the different bothy ballads.

“He told me that one area in Aberdeenshire is where all these songs came from, like the barn yards of Delgaty, Drum Delgay and all the different ones.”

But it’s not just his knowledge and passion for traditional Scottish music that kept Jock in the memories of people who met him, but also his friendliness.

Eddie said: He was a great guy to work with and also, he would learn you a lot by different things. He’d tell you what you should do and shouldn’t do sort of thing.

“But he was the king of the bothy ballads, of course, he went all over singing Bothy Ballads.

“Not only in Scotland but he went south of the boarder to different festivals where he entertained there as well.”

Outside of his time playing music and entertaining others, Jock worked in the Hyrdo Board for osme time in Caithness and Pitlochry.

Now his children are well known in their own respect for their musical abilities. His sons Ian and Gordon also play their music for crowds too.

Eddie added: “And of course, Ian was a very talented piper, he played with the Atholl Highlanders, he played with a lot of the big bands, the Vale of Atholl band.

“And then Gordon, who passed on, he was a real champion piper and he wrote so many tunes that all the guys use his tunes up to this day.

“And a lot of the band guys, the accordions and fiddle bands, as you would say, or Scottish country dance bands use a lot of Gordon’s tunes as well.

“So, they all obviously became talented from their dad, Jock, who encouraged them with the pipes and also encouraged them at the concerts.”

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