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John Swinney sets out to offer One-on-One Teacher Support

Highland Perthshire’s MSP, John Swinney, is announcing a new partnership between the Scottish government and a social enterprise which is aiming to support teachers facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The social enterprise, KnowYouMore, is pairing up with teachers to help offer one-to-one support to give teachers a place to release any personal or professional pressures.

Perthshire North and education secretary, John Swinney said: “COVID-19 has placed unprecedented strain on school staff and none more so than those who have pastoral care and child protection responsibilities ensuring the emotional welfare of our children and young people as we recover from the pandemic.

“The teacher support package I announced last year will complement the existing professional training and support already taking place for staff in schools across Scotland. Teachers need to be part of a supportive online community and have the space to stop and think about issues that are causing concern.”

With funding from the Scottish government, they’ll be offering this service to teachers who are in their first four years of post-probation.

Ken Muir, Chief Executive, of the General Teaching Council for Scotland, said: “GTC Scotland is pleased to be working with our partners in education to deliver this important coaching to support hard-pressed teachers who are doing all they can to maintain quality learning in challenging circumstances.

“In addition to this coaching, GTC Scotland itself has invested heavily in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of education professionals and will continue to do so throughout the pandemic.”

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