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‘Just do it, don’t be Afraid to Fall’ says Pitlochry’s Skating Schoolgirl

LISTEN: Millie Dingwall explains her passion for skating

A Pitlochry schoolgirl has made the most of Highland Perthshire’s winter wonderland by dancing across the recreation ground in her ice skates.

Millie Dingwall, aged 14, showed off her skills to the empty sports field, covered in snow and ice, with some impressive backwards skating, spins and jumps.

‘It was colder’, explained Millie, ‘and when you’re at an ice rink, you can tell that the ice is all going to be smooth and easy to skate on, but I was hitting grass patches while I was skating which made it a lot harder, but it was fine.’

She says she’s more used to skating indoors, having been practising since she was around ‘seven or eight.’

Skating can be easy to learn but difficult to master and Millie says for anyone thinking to try, the sport can be quite easy to get into.

‘It’s calming and fun’ and once things open up again ‘if you have the time, just go to Perth, hire ice skates and get into it like that.’

‘Just do it, don’t be sacred to fall all over the place, you can just get up again’ she says, reassuring newcomers.

But for now, she’ll have to wait until her preference opens up again, explaining: “I like skating on the rink because it’s bigger, so I have more room to do everything and you can predict that it’s not going to rain.”

Now that’s it’s been a while since Millie last practised in a rink, she said it took a moment to get used moment to get back into the swing of skating.

Not long after getting back on the ice, Millie found her feet, she said: “It took me a few tries to see what I was comfortable with doing again, because before lockdown I could do more skills.”

And at the end of the day, it’s all just a bit of fun, Millie added: “I’ve done a few shows, but I just do it for fun. Mainly because it’s such a long way to Kirkcaldy, which where I would have to go if I wanted to do competitions.”

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