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Keep Highland Perthshire Beautiful this Summer

With the school summer holidays upon us and the weather getting warmer, more people will be heading outdoors in Highland Perthshire, including local residents, tourists and holiday makers.

Visitors to the outdoors this summer are being urged to be responsible and take their rubbish home or put it in a bin, as well as making sure that they enjoy the outside responsibly.

Zero Waste Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful launched the second phase of their litter prevention campaign, Scotland is Stunning – Lets Keep It that Way, at the end of May last year.

The campaign aims to encourage everyone to take pride in Scotland’s outdoor spaces and keep them litter free, with a list of helpful tips to help visitors when preparing for a daytrip.

  • Keep a bag in your car or backpack, so you are always prepared if bins are not available or full
  • Plan ahead – don’t expect there to be bins
  • Use reusable when out and about including straws, coffee cups, water bottles and cutlery
  • Remember that cigarette butts and fruit peelings become litter when dropped
  • Don’t put a disposable barbeque in a bin until it has completely cooled down and make sure it is fully extinguished by using plenty of water or sand
  • Consider taking home and recycling paper, card or drinks bottles.

In the last week Perth and Kinross Visitor Rangers have also released some dos and don’ts for visiting the countryside for visitors and campers alike. These are:

  • If having a fire think about the position – Don’t light a fire in tree routes and keep it away from trip hazards
  • Make sure any fires are fully extinguished before leaving the area
  • Remember to take all rubbish home with you
  • If digging a hole to use as an outdoor toilet when camping, make sure it is at least 30 metres away from any water course and to use a bag for any tissue/wipes
  • Check water levels and know your limit – water levels can change, and certain water sites present additional risks
  • Park sensible and avoid blocking access especially in a clearway
  • Respect the Locals and Landowners and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

Other major organisations in Scotland, including Traffic Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful, have taken to social media to urge visitors to be responsibly using a variety of hashtags including #leavenothingbutfootprints and #binyourlitter.

Last Month Keep Scotland Beautiful released their report into Litter found on the River Tay, while Beyond Adventure in partnership with Planet Patrol will be running Paddleboard clean ups in August and September after one on Loch Faskally last Tuesday.

You can find information on outdoor awareness, the Scottish Outdoor Access code and how to report dirty campers by visiting https://www.heartland.scot/outdoor-awareness/.

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