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Keep Scotland Beautiful Release Report into Litter on the River Tay

A report into the marine litter found on the river Tay has been released by Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of their Upstream Battle initiative, which is aimed at tackling littering behaviour to prevent marine litter at source.

The report, which was released on World Ocean Day, includes data from litter surveys carried out on the banks of the Tay and its tributaries by community groups, who counted over 3000 pieces of litter.

Speaking about the findings of the report Heather McLaughlin the Campaign Coordinator said: “What the campaign has shown us over the years, the campaign runs on the Clyde as well, is that while yes, we do have a national litter problem across Scotland, individual community are facing completely different localised problems and that means they are facing different behaviours that we need to tackle in different ways.

“So absolutely, what we are finding up in Aberfeldy and in Perth itself, and actually the city of Dundee to some degree, is that the behaviour we are seeing is food on the move plastic packaging, picnic litter potentially, and cigarette butts.

“But then on Broughty ferry beach and around that area we’re seeing the sewage related problem. So, the wet wipe and period products are high on the list but in fact there just very numerous in very small areas rather than being across the board,”

Speaking in the press release for the report Barry Fisher, the CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful said: “We know that 80% of marine litter comes from land and that we need to tackle this problem upstream. Our stats also highlight that litter levels are on the rise and 88% of people believe that litter is a problem nationally – this is unacceptable.

“If we want to get rid of marine litter in our seas and oceans we need to understand how, where and what types of litter are getting into our local waterways and this report really highlights the level of the problem on the Tay. The data gathered through litter surveys carried out by our volunteer groups, will help build a wider picture of the litter out there and its potential impact, allowing us to target the problem effectively.”

To find more about the Upstream Battle Initiative visit https://www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/upstream-battle

You can find a copy of the report at https://www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/media/1569910/upstream-battle-river-tay-phase-1-report.pdf

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