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Keep the Festive Cheer Alive with Heartland’s Digital Christmas Trail

Heartland Multimedia’s Front Window, Pitlochry

Heartland Multimedia proudly present our ‘Christmas Display Trail’ which showcases the festive spirit across Highland Perthshire.

Our digital trail features a gallery of displays by people who’ve sent us their pictures of brightly lit or decorated windowsills and gardens.

The idea came from Pitlochry local, Helen Oliver who explained: “I put a post on Pitlochry News and got a good response, also The Baptist Church have plans in the pipeline to light up the outside of the church building.

“I was wondering how I could let people know about this trail, so I spoke to Ramsay Beattie and Heartland are happy to take on getting the word out and keeping people updated on when a new display has been added to the trail and where to find it.”

So far, our submissions include the Highland Soap Company and an entrance from Helen Zaczek, but yours could be included too.

The Highland Soap Company, Pitlochry

All that a submission takes is the time to fill out a quick online form, starting with easy questions such as your name, email address, plus a copy of your picture and any other information you want to add.

Helen added: “I don’t want it to be a competition just something people would enjoy doing to brighten up the local area, so anyone can put in as much effort as they want and it doesn’t have to be costly and there is no time scale as to when it is done.”

Our own display is busy with festive cheer but we’re looking to see just the simple reminders it’s Christmas time too.

Helen Zaczek, Highland Perthshire

In fact, Helen’s looking to make her own displays this year as she explained: “Anyone who knows me will know I am a crafter and passionate about recycling so our garden will have an element of that and it would be great if other people came up with their recycled decoration ideas.”

Alongside the Christmas displays, we’re also hosting all the go to information you need this Christmas.

We’ve got links to all of the traffic updates and all of the safety information on our ‘Winter’ page which can be found on the menus tab of the website.

More information about the trail can be found on: https://www.heartland.scot/christmas-display-trail/

And our winter updates and information can be found on: https://www.heartland.scot/winter-updates/

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