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Kenny Davidson Shortlisted for Co-Op Local Hero Award

Photo Credit: Co-Op

Pitlochry team leader at the local Co-Op, Kenny Davidson, has is now in the top three contenders for the Co-Op’s local hero award.

He’s passed thousands of other nominations to make it to the final three candidates.

Last year the Co-Op explained: “We wanted to recognise the amazing things that you’re doing, and have done, to not only support your fellow colleagues but also your communities during this time of crisis.”

As part of the efforts Mr Davidson has made over the past year Mr Davidson was nominated for reaching these feats for Pitlochry.

Judith Dingwall, who put forward his nomination said: “I nominated Kenny Davidson Team Leader at Pitlochry Co-op in a members Choice for a Co-op Local hero Award for his commendable work throughout lockdown in volunteering with the Community Support Group and helping the Support Group liaise with the Co-op to get the very best service for the local community.

“Kenny really went above and beyond, from answering calls on the volunteer phone line,to helping let folks know about the Home Shopping service availability to even dressing as a penguin to bring some Christmas cheer.

“This has brought a great feeling to the town and the Co-op staff who have kept us all supplied throughout the whole time.”

In the nomination page, the Co-Op explained: “Tell us about a Co-op member of staff who goes above and beyond for you or your community, to put them in the running for an award.”

Co-Op members looking to cast their vote can do so through: https://joinin.coop.co.uk/opportunities/420?fbclid=IwAR3bf0VJYTiGUnLjjtrL-gE01aZZ9ZCQ1tWGf24qOPhiTSchBQCyOhajhjs

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