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Kenny Davidson Wins Top Co-Op Award

LISTEN: Kenny Davidson explains why the Co-Op Members Choice Award means to much to him

As the dust of the pandemic starts to settle and life starts to look a little more like normal in Highland Perthshire, the community now has the opportunity to reflect and recognise those who helped those in need during the difficult days.

One of those people is Kenny Davidson, Team Leader at Pitlochry Co-op who, through member recognition has been given the Members Choice Award, recognising his work over the past year above all co-op employees nationwide.

Mr Davidson said:

“It’s a members choice award where co-op members can nominate someone that they think is worthy of the award.

“The award started a couple of years ago and I was very surprised to have my name being brought out and been nominated.

“When I got down to the last three, I thought ‘oh that’s brilliant, that’s the last three in the whole company even to get down to that is amazing’.

“And then it got announced that I was the top Scottish winner I thought top Scottish winner, that’s a great achievement and you can imagine how I felt when I found out I was the whole UK winner.

“It was quite a shock!

Judith Dingwall nominated Kenny and commended Mr Davidson on his award adding:

“With his dedication and caring ways Kenny epitomises the service our Co-op staff provide in our community.

“As an all-round top bloke who is always willing to help he is thoroughly deserving of this award!”

The award gave an opportunity for other Co-op members to recognise all of Kenny’s hard work over the last year, such as with the COVID support group.

“The COVID group was started by Bruce Patterson and then some other volunteers got involved and it just got bigger and bigger.

“The way the COVID group started in the community was they manned the phones. There was a phone number to give out to all the shielded or vulnerable or anyone that needed any little jobs doing like shopping.

“It just started for a few people and then expanded, and we ended up having over 100 volunteers.

Even though he is not from Pitlochry, Kenny has found not only a happy and thriving career but the love of his life in fiancée, Annette.

“My fiancée I met almost six years ago by chance. My mother was good friends with my fiancée before I met her.

“My mum was trying to find Annette’s house and we had a bit of trouble to find it. We asked a couple of people in the town – we just weren’t finding it at all.

“We were just about to leave and a nice lady that used to work in one of the cafes in Pitlochry came out with an address for us and said ‘I think this is who you’re looking for’.

“I went down to Annettes house and we fell for each other straight away. Here I am six years later – happy and I just love Pitlochry. I love this town.

Following a difficult year, Mr Davidson went on to dedicate his award to the people of Pitlochry, adding:

 “I’ve worked in small towns over the years but its always been the same kind of thing. The smaller the town, the bigger the heart they have and they keep together. They look after one another.

“I just want to say thanks to all the members that voted for me, you guys have all helped me win this award.

“I dedicate this award to every volunteer that has helped out during the pandemic in our town and community.

“Also a big thanks to all my colleagues at the Pitlochry Co-op who have done an amazing job through the whole pandemic and still carry on doing – and they’re good friends.”

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