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Killiecrankie to Host Re-Enactments of Famous Battle

Image Credit: Killiecrankie Visitor Centre Facebook Page

Re-enactments of the famous Battle of Killiecrankie which took place in Highland Perthshire are set to take place over the next two weekends. 

Two groups of re-enactors will put on static displays at the Jacobite Café and Visitor Centre in Killiecrankie to commemorate the 1689 conflict. 

The battle itself took place about a mile north from the visitor centre but the Troops did go through the Pass of Killiecrankie before and during the battle. 

It was part of the first Jacobite rising which seen John Graham of Claverhouse (Bonnie Dundee) lead his men to victory in support of the exiled King James VII and II.

One of the re-enactment organisers Stewart Hall said: “These guys [the actors] are actually doctors, teachers and all sorts of things.

“They bring history to life and literally celebrate living history and a time period. 

“One of the groups is Arthur Erskine’s regiment who celebrate life in and around the Highlands in the 17thcentury. 

“The other group are called ‘Scots in the Great War’ and they celebrate life surrounding soldiers in the British military, especially the Highland regiments.

“It brings a different aspects to what we normally have. We have redcoats and highlanders but men and women who will be giving examples of the costumes, uniforms and what living as a soldier was like.”

The re-enactments take place on the weekends of the 23rd and 24th and the 30th and 31st July. 

The anniversary of the battle falls on Wednesday 27th but the re-enactments were moved to allow for more visitors to come in the weekend. 

Hall confirmed that the actors should be in position about 10am and be there till around 4:30pm. 

He continued: “The local ranger will also be there so she gives a different perspective of the past as she knows about the nature of the Pass of Killiecrankie.

“To me, this is where we’ve come from. Whether we like it or not, most of us will have ancestors who got dragged into these battles that were fought extensively all over Scotland.”

More information about Killiecrankie’s Visitor Centre can be found HERE.

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