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Killiecrankie Zip Line Park Crowdfunds River Crossing Zip Line

LISTEN: Murray Trail explains what the plans are for the new zip line

Killiecrankie Zip Line Park is raising money with the help from the people of Highland Perthshire to build a zip line course which crosses the River Garry.

Coming up to a year without customers, tourists or trading, the team is looking for some extra help to get their project of two-years ready for once the lockdown lifts.

Owner, Murray Trail, said: “Like the majority of businesses, we’ve been hit heavily by COVID and we’ve taken this time, when we have had some down time because of lockdowns, to really start and push the project through. But something that we could do with is financial support.”

Now the park is looking to raise £22,000 to help partially cover the costs of building the criss-cross complex of zip line wire over the rivers ‘spectacular views.’

Mr Trail is expecting it draw in more opportunity as part of a positive sum game for the local area.

He said: “So obliviously we are expanding the operation, which for us means more people in the area.

“A lot of the businesses in Pitlochry, over the years, have benefited from us being there and obviously we’ve benefited from them being there too.

“So, the more people we can bring in, the better it is for us and everybody else is sort of the way we’re looking at it.”

At the moment, the fling is offering a range of outdoor activities from river rafting, quad biking and one of Scotland’s most extreme swings.

The work to get the project is starting soon so first they will have to ‘prune’ the tree’s, meaning the tree twigs which grow off the leader branches of the trees will be cut back.

Mr Trail explained: “The pruning will start within the next couple of weeks, and from there we start building the actual park itself. Which is the series of zip lines that run through the trees that allow you to access and transition from one zip to the next zip.”

However, the ecology of the trees will have to be taken in consideration while the zip line is in use and during the construction.

This is why they have been asked to use clamps which will tightly secure around the tree rather than drill into them.

Mr trail said: “We’ve had to do a pretty through ecological survey, and the way we’re attaching to the trees is by clamping them, as opposed to drilling into the trees. So the tree can still move and in no stage have we interfered with the integrity of the tree.

“They are adjustable, the tree is more likely to make it’s way around the platform, but yes, the ability for those platforms to be adjusted is there.”

Anyone looking to support the fundraiser can find more information on: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/killiecrankie-zip-park

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