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Kinloch Rannoch Trust’s Secures Funding to Buy Outdoors Centre

Trevor Littlewood

LISTEN: Councilor John Duff Congratulates the Trusts on securing funding from the Scottish Land Fund

Both the Rannoch Community and Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trusts have secured funding from the Scottish Land Fund which will allow for them to purchase the disused outdoor centre in Kinloch Rannoch from the council.

This funding will allow the trusts to redevelop the outdoors centre into a community centre which will offer food, drink, social and business space for locals and visitors.

Highland Ward councilor John Duff says he’s ‘delighted’ by the news and is happy to see Perth and Kinross taxpayers paid for letting go of the building.

Mr Duff said: “This means that the Trust can progess this very worthwhile project without having to raise funds in the community, while at the same time the councils taxpayers have secured a reasonable price for their asset.

“I wish the Rannoch Community Trust well in their venture.”

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