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Last Chance to Comment on Pitlochry’s Thai Railway Restaurant

Today marks the final chance for the public to make their comments on the proposed Thai restaurant which will run from a restored first-class railway carriage.

The proposal is asking to place the restored railway carriages nearby the Pitlochry train station on top of some of the council’s car parking spaces.

Fergus McCallum, who’s behind the plan with his wife, said: “We want to bring two mark three carriages from the late nineteen seventies and convert them into hopefully a rather nice Thai restaurant in Pitlochry.”

Their plan is to take two carriages and line them up side by side with one seating cart and another kitchen unit.

Mr McCallum added: “One of the carriages is actually a restaurant carriage, it’s a nineteen seventy-nine first class railway carriage so it just seemed really ideally suited to become a restaurant.

“I for year have thought about buying old railway carriages but suddenly a bit of reality came along, and my wife said let’s do something practical, let’s turn them into a Thai restaurant.”

However, there is some concern from locals that the proposal will bring about a reduction in the car parking spaces available in the town.

When Heartland FM first posted its story on the proposal, many people within the community offered their opinions through comments online.

With many supportive comments, the project garnered a lot of praise from the public, but a vocal number also raised their concerns too.

One comment on Heartland FM’s post read: “The car park is a key element of the towns infrastructure and a valuable asset that benefits the whole town. Car parking in Pitlochry is very limited and it would set a dangerous precedent to allow PKC to sell off our assets to the highest bidder if allowed to go ahead. If they want to create a genuine Thai restaurant, then create it in the high street with the other shops, I would then happily support their enterprise.”

Another read: “Everyone you have until tomorrow to put your thoughts into the PKC planning portal. But please look carefully at the plans. Consider the residents close by. If only there was other areas that would be more suitable for such an adventurous proposal. One which going by public opinion would be welcomed. This is my own opinion.”

Although the post received a good deal of comments encouraging the idea to go ahead.

One of these said: “I think our community should give some thought to the ideal location for this exciting business venture in our town which would be welcomed by many locals and visitors. There are concerns about how using the proposed location would have a detrimental effect on nearby residents and sought after parking spaces. It would be a great loss if we couldn’t benefit from a new and creative addition to what Pitlochry offers so how can we support the local family proposing this and help it happen?”

Anyone looking to make a comment can do so by following: https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QLU274MKIBL00

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