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Lend and Tend Helps Locals Share their Gardens

LISTEN: Carol Aitken and Joyce Veheary explain how Lend and Tend works – Photo Credit: Kaboompics .com

The Lend and Tend project is looking to connect green-fingered people without a garden with people looking for some companionship or help in their garden.

Carol Aitken from Pitlochry’s Climate Café is working with lend and tend founder Joyce Veheary to help make this possible in Highland Perthshire.

By working together they’re hoping people can get inspired to get out and get passionate about growing their own food as well as tending to all kinds of plant life.

Joyce Veheary said: “So, Lend and Tend is a garden sharing initiative where I help people get together who have a garden and perhaps can’t use it or have some excess space.

“And I help them make friends with people who wish they had a garden. So people who are on allotment, waiting lists or people who live in flats and don’t have a balcony or garden, or maybe even people who have a small golden and want a bit of extra growing space.”

Carol met Joyce, who’s based in London, through the Perth and Kinross Council’s food growing initiative.

She explained: “One of the ladies here had been talking about trying to get people to garden share here, because we’ve got some big gardens and that there aren’t other people who don’t have gardens, like the ones that are in the flats.

“So when Joyce mentioned about her project, I thought we need to do something about this because this is great. And so I got in contact with Joyce and there’s people in Pitlochry that interested in having a allotments.

“And so we thought that whilst the allotments situations being resolved, then we could suggest about garden sharing to people. So, as I said, we got in contact with Joyce and she came along to one of our climate cafe meetings.”

Some of the main goals of the project go beyond helping get people into the garden, but to also help people connect and socialise in their community as well as help the environment along the way.

Joyce put it as ‘it’s kind of like a befriending scheme really’ and Carol stressed the importance of a local food source and how that helps minimise packaging and transport miles.

Carol elaborated: “Some of the main reasons as to why we were looking at growing food locally is about the reduction in use of plastics, because if you’re growing your own food or you’re using an online market like neighbourhood, then they hardly use any plastics and they never use paper bags or things like that, but there’s a reduction in plastic waste.

“So, there’s a reduction in the communities carbon footprint. So, there’s a reduction in food miles, and it’s, it’s healthier for you because you know where your food’s coming from, whether it’s grown locally or, or the neighbourhood or locally in gardens.”

Anyone looking to find more information about Lend and Tend can go on: https://www.lendandtend.com/

More information about the Climate Café can be found on: https://www.pitlochrycc.co.uk/

People looking to get involved can get in touch with Joyce on: lendandtend@gmail.com

And Carol can be found on: caaitken.naturaldesign@gmail.com

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