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Lifting Omicron Restrictions Eases Rules for Highland Perthshire Hospitality

Nicola Sturgeon expected to be re-elected as Scotland

The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that the rules set over Christmas on hospitality will come to an end next week.

From January 24, hospitality will no longer need to socially distance, indoor events can resume and night clubs are reopening.

The First Minister said: “Given the improving situation – and as I said last week we hoped to be able to do – I can confirm today that all of these measures will be lifted from next Monday, 24 January.”

However, the first minister announced that ministers are deciding to keep COVID certification in place for large gathering, with no plans to implement the pass to other sectors.

Nicola Sturgeon added: “Given that cases are now falling quite rapidly, and the current wave is receding, we decided that we will not at this stage extend the COVID certification scheme to other premises. 

“We will, of course, reconsider this should circumstances – and therefore the balance of judgment – change in any significant way.

“If cases were to start to rise very sharply again, extension of certification may well be a more proportionate alternative to other, more restrictive measures.

“However, our conclusion today – given the improving situation – is that extending certification would not be proportionate at this stage.”

Local business gave a mixed reaction to the news with appreciation for the lifting of restrictions and relief to see COVID cases on the downturn.

However, there is still an uneasiness around the prospect of hospitality meeting future COVID measures such as COVID certification.

Vicki Unite, chief executive officer for the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce explained: “At last, there seems to be something positive for the hospitality and events industries in particular, and they can now start to plan ahead after a disastrous and punitive festive period.

“It is positive too that businesses will be invited by the Government to the table, with the prospect of hopefully opening up more town and city centre offices and a greater number of people going back to work there rather than at home, but this needs to be done with utmost haste and not, as suggested, next month.

“With the possibility of a vaccine passport not being discounted for the hospitality industry, businesses are being forced to factor its associated costs into their financial forecasts, while no suggestion of financial support has been forthcoming.

“We would reiterate that businesses must be adequately compensated for any measures being forced on them, and we would urge – in the interests of safeguarding jobs and businesses – that this would happen immediately.”

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