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Live Music Returns to Highland Perthshire with March into Pitlochry

Live Music will be returning to Pitlochry next week as March into Pitlochry returns for 2022. The event which has been running for five years will kick off at 7pm on Friday 20th May with live music at the town hall, with Jess and the Bandits headlining.

Saturday sees an acoustic session in McKays Hotel from midday, with headliner James Grant, with Saturday evening returning to the Town Hall. Music starts at 6pm, with Dropkick and builds up to headliners The Silencers. On Sunday its back to McKays for the Closing Medicine show revue featuring special guest David Starr.

Doug Gollan one of the organisers for the event speaking about covid effect the music industry and March into Pitlochry said: “We were actually at the stage of just ready to go with our festival in March two years ago, and then of course covid set in so we were two weeks from the date. So, all these bands have basically been in limbo for sort of two, two and a half years.

“So, what we did, we sold tickets for our original festival, we sold about 40 or 50 tickets and folks brought tickets with these bands in mind, because we already had these bands all lined up to play. So, we’ve basically stuck with the same format of the bands we had original booked, because we felt it was only fair because folk had brought tickets for these bands.

“So, we tried as near as possible to get the same bands back again, which we’ve done. So, they are verry very grateful now to have a platform to play on because a lot of them have basically not been playing for 18 months, two years, things are getting back to normality now, but I think they are quite grateful to have somewhere to play.”

More information and a full list of acts can be found at https://www.marchintopitlochry.co.uk/

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